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Friday July 1st


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Iain Matthews, founder member of Fairport Convention, and Andy Roberts reinstate their amazing band Plainsong to celebrate the wonderful songs of Richard Farina, with their tour and album "Reinventing Richard".

Richard Farina was a Greenwich Village contemporary of Bob Dylan and performed as a duo with his wife Mimi, the sister of Joan Baez. Richard died tragically young in 1966 in a motorbike accident after releasing only two albums. Those two albums contain many songs that have inspired and fascinated those that have followed including Iain and Andy. This evening will be an exploration of those amazing songs.

With special guests

The Bimble Brothers

A pair of likely Lancashire lads The Bimble Brothers travel the world through music and song.

They are writers, composers, song collectors and multi-instrumentalists. Their music is a unique blend of original material inspired by traditional melody, and traditional song inspired by modern rhythms.