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Our Next Session

Friday October 28th

Furnace Mountain

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A welcome return to Whitstable Sessions for this Virginian band.

“They all grew up around Furnace Mountain and seem to have just soaked up all that is best in that gorgeous Appalachian mountain music, from the sublime vocals of  Aimee Curl to the Hendrix of the mandolin, Danny Knicely, who also showed himself to be a spectacularly elastic-legged clog dancer. Fiddle playing (Danny van Deventer), bouzouki (Morgan Morrison), guitar, the incredible mandolin – it was just a showcase of astonishing quality, and that’s before you throw in the wonderful harmonies of Aimee and Morgan for good measure. For a couple of blessed hours a little bit of Kent was transported to some timeless cabin in the mist-capped mountains of Virginia, and no one wanted to leave.” - From the review by Debbie Neech of their last visit to Whitstable

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