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Friday April 17th 2015

Scotland’s Kris Drever and England’s Boo Hewerdine have been connected through song for almost a decade, when Kris approached Boo about recording the song “Harvest Gypsies” as part of his classic debut album “Black Water”. Produced by mutual friend and Scottish folk musician John McCusker, that recording lead the pair to future live collaborations and a tour with Eddi Reader. The duo finally found the time in late summer 2014 to write new songs with a view to making new recordings available for their 2015 tour.

Boo Hewerdine has an 18 song career retrospective, “My Name In The Brackets (The Best of Boo Hewerdine & The Bible) released this autumn whilst Kris Drever has just issued his Shetland recorded, “Mareel EP” prior to making a new album with Lau for release in summer 2015 (all via Reveal Records).

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Boo Hewerdine and Kris Drever