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Friday October 10th

“Songwriting is an addiction in a way,” she says. “When I sit down and write a song it just makes sense. A lot of singer-songwriters use thousands of words and it’s all vanity. It doesn’t have the ring of truth. I don’t want to use clever words, I just want the listener to get an image. I want it to have physical impact. When I get a lovely image I get a warm feeling inside. That’s the magic. Where did that come from? How brilliant is that?”

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Kathryn Williams

Sugar Magnolia is the new collaboration between Jack Day and Bryony Afferson. Bryony Afferson is part of folk-trio Troubadour Rose, whose record Tell Me, released in September this year, attracted rave reviews from The Guardian and the Daily Express amongst others. Jack Day’s The First Ten, released in January this year, also attracted top reviews across the music press, including being named Best Roots Album in Q Magazine.